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Granular Wash Machine

Granular wash machine


The particle washing machine, which comprises a swirling separator composed of a feeding pipe and a cylinder, characterized in that: the first cyclone separator and the second working in two separate working operations are responsible for separating the foreign matter. a cyclone separator, wherein the first cyclone separator and the second cyclone separator are connected in series with a muddy water separator, and the first cyclone separator and the second cyclone separator are both upper portions The cylindrical lower part is a conical cylinder, and two cyclone separator cylinders are respectively provided with a separator inner cylinder, and the separator inner tank is surrounded by the separator discharge pipe and the cyclone separator cylinder. The coaxial annular cylinder has a height matching with the height of the cyclone separator cylinder, and the feed tube and the jet nozzle disposed on the tangential direction of the cylinder wall of the cyclone separator cylinder are disposed on both sides of the separator liner and the swirling flow Between the cylinder walls of the separator cylinder, a jet nozzle is also disposed in the feed pipe, and the water sprayed by the jet nozzle is pressurized water pressurized by a water pump.


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